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The above is my personal basic Cacao recipe I use everyday.

I'm going to break it down a little more for you below, but I really encourage you to blend your own. Make it a ritual. Cook up a big pot and drink it over a day or two and share with those you love.

500ml Milk of choice

I use an organic Almond milk - for everyday use I love love love the Woolworths MACRO organic brand. It has the best flavour and consistency. For a special ceremony I do like to use Bonsoy Almond milk. When I'm not being lazy I make my own Almond milk in which case I use half water half almond milk because it is so much thicker and creamier than store purchased milk.

2 heaped TBSP Cacao

The cacao I'm currently using is very strong ceremonial grade so I only use 2 heaped TSP - for non ceremonial you can use 2 TBSP. Don't worry, the packaging will let you know if you purchase organic or ceremonial.


Cacao is a superfood. It is one of the highest sources of Magnesium in nature. Packed with flavonoids - which assist in lowering blood pressure (aka improving sleep), improve blood flow to the heart and brain. Full of antioxidants (compounds that prevent stress and damage to your bodies dna), calcium, zinc, copper and selenium. It promotes friendly bacteria and reduces inflammation in the gut.

It is known to protect us from free radicals, keeping us vibrant and healthy.

From an Ayurvedic perspective things don't look so good. But moderation and feel into the effects on your body is the wisdom I'll impart on you. If you're in balance then there should be no problems. If you're out of balance, feel your body and its reactions.

For those with Vata constitution or imbalance you may feel stimulated/aggravated. It will increase Pittas fire - which can leave then vulnerable to inflammation - although you will digest it easily. Kapha however will feel balanced from Cacao.

It was known as the Food of the Gods by the Mayans as it was believed to possess spiritual qualities and has mood enhancing properties. I believe this and drink it in honour and ritual each day.

1 heaped TSP Cinnamon

I use an organic cinnamon and this is very strong, aromatic flavour so if you're using a cinnamon that doesn't have the depth of flavour - add more in!


An anti viral, anti bacterial, anti fungal super spice. Known to support gut health, lower blood pressure, lower blood sugar and be beneficial for the ageing brain. Hello, it might help with your wordle!

Used in Ayurveda for digestive issues, relieves flatulence, abdominal pain, diarrhoea and improves liver function amongst other things. It is a warm spice suitable for your winter. It pacifies Vata + Kapha but increases Pitta.

1-2 heaped TSP Ginger

Live on the spicy side of life. I love a little ginger kick in the mornings.


Loaded with antioxidants and known to assist your body fighting off chronic disease, reduces pain, reduce nausea and promotes healthy ageing.

It is suitable for all three doshas, being one of the most revered medicines in Ayurveda.

2-3 heaped TSP Cardamom

Figure out your personal taste with this


It is used to aid digestion, including IBS, colds, coughs, to name a few. Also an antioxident.

Cardamom is tridoshic (good for all of the doshas) it has warming and calming qualities.

I TSP Collagen

I find this such an easy supplement to have. No taste and you can just add to your Cacao or coffee with ease.


Well it can assist in making your bones denser (great for ageing) skin hydration, lessen wrinkles, assists in hair growth.

1 TSP Jing Mushrooms

I was recommended this by my beautiful practitioner, friend and Guest Mentor JADE to assist me with my kidney function. Used to replenish the essence of the body and organs. Rebuild core energy.

1/2 TSP Mason's Mushrooms

I purchased this as a parlay into the world of mushrooms. I am by no means an avid life long user of these products, however I do notice that my energy is much more consistent and vibrant throughout the day from using these and doesn't alter if I have coffee or not.

This blend is to support immunity, gut health, hormonal function and the nervous system.

1-2 TSP Vanilla Extract

Just a good old squeeze out of the bottle. You can get a great quality organic one at the supermarket. .


Neutralises free radicals and oxidants. It's a known stress reliever and calming agent for medicinal purposes in Ayurveda. Traditionally drinking vanilla flavoured water is also known to reduce inflammation.

2 TBS Maple Syrup

Or sweetener of your choice or leave it out. You can also use honey - especially manuka honey.


This also contains numerous antioxidants. Much better for you than sugar. Supplies important vitamins and minerals such as: manganese, zinc, iron, calcium, potassium.

So much more nourishing for you as it digests slower than other sweeteners in Ayurveda. It does pacify Vata and Pitta but can aggravate Kapha.

1-2 TBSP Coconut Butter

This gives it such a great smooth flavour.


Aids: digestion, brain tonic for mind, stress and sleep, stimulates energy, boosts immune system, liver function, reproductive health, weight loss.

The coconut tree really is the tree of life.

It calms Vata and Pitta and increases Kapha - which can be a good thing ;)

Rose petals for decoration

Such a beautiful way to add a deeper ritual and ceremony to your day.


They improve your metabolism, clear toxins from the body - thus aiding in weight loss. .

In Ayurveda hey are cooling, anti-inflammatory and are soothing on the heart and beautiful to look at.

For a night time Cacao I use Lavender

With less cacao and stimulating spices it's really nice to add this as a beautiful ritual to assist you to sleep. I dried and ground my lavender but you can also use drops of pure lavender oil.


Improves mood disorders such as anxiety, depression and fatigue. Boosts sleep, soothes your sacred flows cramping, can improve skin health.

It's calming, cooling and soothing.

It is considered tridoshic.

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