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I was finding that I had so many diaries, rank maps, bits of paper, things on my wall to keep track of everything that things where getting lost. 

So I created this specific Monat Planner.

With the guidance and feedback from Jess, Neecy and Tiff. 

It comes in 4 parts in conjunction with the financial year (Q1-4) this is part one.

It's light and easy to carry around without compromising on aesthetic.

STANDARD paper version.



Your WHY


Recap and Remedy

Rank map

Planning your Quarters

Social Media prompts and planner

IPA prompts and planner

Monthly planner

Weekly planner

Your Team organisation

Follow up pages for all MP + VIP leads, conversations etc

Organisational pages for events, trainings etc

New recruits specific page

What to do week 1-4

Weekly reflections

Monthly expenses



I can't wait for you to have a successful 2024.


Big love B x

Monat 2024 Q1 Planner - STANDARD

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