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I've written this guide for Yoga Teachers.

To empower them when teaching women who are pregnant.

To be able to calmly, comfortably, reassuringly offer her assistance and empower her.

I believe that preganancy is a moving meditation between a woman, her body and her baby as it shifts between realms.

There is so much magic in the transistion from Maiden to Mother.

This guide will give you clear directives on what she can't practice, what she can practice, adjustments and what to avoid.

This is not a medical guide, nor a full Prenatal Program.

It is a guide that consists of 95 poses with guidance into which trimester they can practice and which trimester to adust. 

Each woman will feel differently with each pregancy. Please do your due diligence when asking her questions prior to the class (these are incorporated) and what medical reccomendations she has had.

It is so sacred to be able to assist a woman during this journey.

Honour it.

Honour her.

Honour yourself in being able to guide her through it.

If you have any questions please don't hestitate to reach out. 


This guide was birthed on Darkinjung country.

I honour the elders of the past, the present and the emerging. 

There is so much grace in the land we walk. 

Thank you x

PRENATAL ~ a guide for Teachers

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